Misdemeanor Defense

Colorado Misdemeanor Charges and Their Ramifications

The State of Colorado lists many crimes as misdemeanors, which are less severe than a felony charge but more severe than a general infraction, like a traffic ticket. That being said, if you are convicted of a misdemeanor crime, it can carry severe penalties, depending on the level and nature of the offense. This may result in you having to serve jail time or receive a probation sentence. Probation requires you to report to a probation officer on a regular basis; there are usually fees involved.

Colorado identifies misdemeanor crimes by class. Convictions of a crime falling under any misdemeanor class can mean jail time, fines or both. Colorado breaks misdemeanors into three different class types:

  • Class 1 crime which includes “extraordinary risk of harm” may carry a sentence of 6 to 24 months in jail and/or $500 to $5,000 fine. Charges that fall under this category include crimes such as 3rd-degree assault, sexual assault, unlawful sexual contact, child abuse, and violation of a protection order. A conviction without the “harm” designation, could mean 6 to 18 months in jail and/or a $500 to $5,000 fine to pay.
  • Class 2 crimes are less severe but may carry a sentence of 3 to 12 months in jail and/or a $250 to $1,000 fine.
  • Class 3 crimes are the least severe but still carry consequences that can have a serious impact on your life. A $50 fine is the minimum penalty with the maximum being six months in jail and/or a $750 fine.

Arrests that fall under the various misdemeanor classes can include stalking, forgery, theft, cybercrime, some types of traffic violations, and some types of drug offenses, to name a few. If convicted of any class misdemeanor, this will go on your permanent record.

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Protect Yourself Against Misdemeanors, Call Experienced Defense Attorneys

Remember, if you are arrested for a misdemeanor crime, you have the right to remain silent. Use this right and call an experienced attorney to ensure your rights are protected. Don’t delay! The quicker your situation can be examined, the better. Combs & Brown will work hard to see if there are grounds for dismissal of your case and if not, we’ll strive to get you the best outcome that minimizes the impact on your life.

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