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Criminal defense attorneys in Steamboat Springs, CO, at The Brown Law Firm will boldly fight for justice on your behalf if you are facing criminal charges.

Steamboat Springs Criminal Defense Lawyers


When facing a relentless criminal justice system, having a dedicated legal advocate by your side is a must. Standing among the top criminal defense firms in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, The Brown Law Firm is unwavering in its vigorous legal representation of those facing criminal charges. Our practice areas range from DUI cases to drug offenses, hunting and fishing violations, domestic violence, and sex crimes.

If you have been arrested for a misdemeanor or a felony, don’t wait. The sooner Steamboat Springs, Colorado, lawyers examine your situation, the better. We will work hard to see if there are grounds for dismissal of your case. If there aren’t, we’ll be ready to fight back to get you the best possible outcome.

With several decades of combined experience, we bring together our extensive skills, resources, and passion for litigation to build an unparalleled record of success. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges in Steamboat Springs, CO, we will do everything in our power to protect your rights and restore your good name.

The Brown Law Firm: Steamboat’s Premier Legal Defense Team

As Northwest Colorado’s most trusted legal team, criminal defense lawyers Larry Combs and Sean Brown know that it’s all too easy for good people to fall into unfortunate situations. That’s why we work tirelessly to drop charges and lower penalties for individuals who have been wrongfully or unfairly charged with crimes in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, enabling them to get back on their feet.

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Attorney Larry D. Combs

Larry Combs, Steamboat Attorney

Attorney Larry Combs was admitted to the Indiana, Florida and Colorado Bars in 1973, 1985, and 2000, respectively. With extensive experience in criminal defense, Larry understands that bad things happen to good people. He’ll strive to get you the best possible outcome based on your individual circumstances.
Attorney Sean E. Brown

Sean Brown, Steamboat Attorney

Attorney Sean Brown was admitted to the Illinois, Alaska, Kentucky, Washington and Colorado bars in 2000, 2002, 2008, 2012, 2017, respectively. He has been practicing law since 2000. In this time he has aggressively fought for his clients’ rights, and reached countless successful results for his clients who faced criminal charges.

You Need the Top Criminal Defense Attorneys in Steamboat Springs CO


Being arrested and facing the criminal justice system without a criminal defense attorney and a law firm on your side can be personally, professionally, and financially devastating. A conviction can lead to major repercussions, including jail time, fines, loss of a professional license, civil liability, and a blow to your reputation, so it is vital to have strong and aggressive legal representation from the very start of your case.

The Brown Law Firm criminal defense lawyers are well-versed in the continuously changing criminal laws in Colorado, bringing integrity and experience to each and every case. Your Steamboat Springs criminal defense lawyer will be your ally every step of the way, from informing you of your rights and duties to constructing a strong defense strategy and negotiating the best possible deal for your case.

Regardless of the matter, attorneys Larry Combs and Sean Brown understand that when people face legal challenges, the legal system can often be overwhelming and unforgiving. With over six decades of combined experience defending those facing serious state and federal criminal charges, our law firm can help you to navigate your legal issue and aggressively fight for your legal rights. Aggressive, dedicated, reliable, and honest, we pride ourselves on our client care and overall experience. See the Brown Law Firm difference yourself — reach out to a Steamboat Springs lawyer now for a consultation.


The Attorney Steamboat Springs CO Trusts


No client is ‘just a case’ — your legal charges are a direct threat to everything you hold dear. With this in mind, your Steamboat Springs, Colorado, criminal defense lawyer at the Brown Law Firm will take time to get to thoroughly know you and your legal situation. We work hard to understand your concerns and the uniqueness of your case, and you can always expect us to provide you with sound legal advice. Your Steamboat Springs criminal defense attorney will never pressure you to take a plea deal or settlement — whether to proceed to trial will always be your decision.

“Mr. Brown, thank you both for standing up for me. I needed it. You’ll always have my support and gratitude. ” – Michael

Everyone deserves the best possible defense. Regardless of the type of criminal charge you are facing, the Brown Law Firm is here to guide you through the legal process and fight your legal battles with as much passion and tenacity as we would our own. As your criminal defense attorneys, we will work hard to ensure you are not disappointed in the personalized service we provide. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and gain the peace of mind you need through this challenging ordeal.


Steamboat Springs Personal Injury Lawyers With Experience You Can Count On

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed due to someone else’s negligence, our personal injury attorneys are prepared to stand by your side and advocate for the compensation and closure you deserve.

For example, suffering an injury in a ski or snowboarding accident can lead to a catastrophic injury or even death. An injured individual may have the right to obtain compensation, including medical expenses as well as emergency transportation costs. However, they’ll need a skilled ski accident attorney in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, to prove the injury occurred due to someone else’s negligence. That means they can make the difference between facing devastating medical bills and recovering in peace.

No matter how a personal injury occurred, you shouldn’t settle your claim with an insurance company without legal representation, unless you know what you’re doing. Our personal injury lawyers will never allow any insurance company to take advantage of our clients or their situations.

At the Brown Law Firm, we have extensive experience representing injured victims and their families in a wide range of personal injury cases. These include the following:

  • Car accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Ski and snowboard accidents
  • Sexual abuse cases
  • Wrongful death cases

No matter what you are going through, know that you do not have to go through it alone. With the Brown Law Firm on your side, you can focus on what matters most — your recovery — while we get to work holding those responsible accountable so you can begin moving forward.

Why Choose The Brown Law Firm?


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Experienced Representation


Personal Attention

Numerous Favorable Verdicts


Steamboat Springs Attorneys Defending Misdemeanor and Felony Charges


The Brown Law Firm is located in Steamboat Springs, CO. We are offering phone consultations to those who may be out of state or would just like to begin consultation over the phone. We welcome clients from Colorado, Alaska, and other states across the country. We frequently work with clients in Routt County, Moffat County, and Grand County in Colorado. This includes the municipalities of Craig, Hot Sulphur Springs, Oak Creek, Milner, Hayden, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Harnessing decades of criminal litigation experience, our team of criminal defense attorneys knows how to analyze Colorado law to our clients’ advantage. Our Steamboat Springs Colorado criminal defense lawyers are passionate about their work and fearlessly pursue favorable outcomes in a range of practice areas, including:

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Hunting & Fishing violations

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column3 image1

Felony Offenses

column2 image6

Misdemeanor Crimes

column2 image2

Sex Crimes

column3 image2

Drug Offenses

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Domestic Violence

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Personal injury cases involving ski & snowboarding accidents

If you are charged with a felony or a misdemeanor in or near Steamboat Springs, CO, do not put your freedom, future, and reputation at risk by attempting to fight your charges alone. Don’t forget you have the right to remain silent. Exercise this right and call an experienced attorney Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Let an experienced criminal defense lawyer take command of your legal issue and ensure your rights are protected. Contact a trusted criminal defense attorney at the Brown Law Firm today. Our law firm will put 60 years of combined experience to work to fight for your rights and help you move forward with your life.


"These two men are absolutely phenomenal! They believe in real Justice. I am exceptionally grateful and proud to have crossed their path. They're loyal, trustworthy, and downhearted to what they believe. These two men are what we really need in our society today. Thank you for all the good that you bring into the world both of you. Congratulations!"
"Mr. The Brown Law Firm have been extremely helpful and professional throughout the entire process of my case. They have assisted me through every step of the process and treated me with respect throughout; to the extent my former counsel was fire after consulting with them. I highly recommend them, 5 star rating!"
"Mr. Brown thank you both for standing up for me. I needed it. You'll always have my support and gratitude."
Bethel Client
"Mr. Brown went above and beyond fighting the insurance company for me! Truly got me through the nightmare the insurance company was putting me through with a great settlement! Couldn't ask for a better job! Can't go wrong with them! Thank you so much!"
"Thank you Mr. Brown, for all you have done. I will always think of you as part of my family."
Scammon Bay Client
"Got yourself a case and need a lawyer to get the job done' Quick, efficient and affordable! Call Larry Combs! Great personality, explains in details, and over 40 years of experience. You can't beat that! TWO THUMBS UP!!"
"After finding myself in an impossible situation, I called Larry. He was there for me in every step of the process and always a true professional. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome in my case and I would recommend his services to anyone."
"Over the 7 months of my ordeal, Larry kept me informed of everything that occurred when it occurred. Even when I had questions no matter how simple, he got back to me immediately. I was never in doubt about what was happening with my case. Larry always had the right information or the right answer right away."
"I am very satisfied with the representation of Larry Combs. He is conscientious and was prepared for all court appearances. Mr. Combs communicated well with me and I always felt that he gave due time and consideration to my cases. Mr. Combs also has a good working relationship with the Routt County District Attorney's Office."
Isaac H.
"When I received a DUI, I found Larry Combs' name in the yellow pages. I had no knowledge of what I should do or how to proceed. Mr. Combs handled every detail, saving me much grief. His fee was reasonable and his counsel was invaluable."
"Larry Combs handled my case very well with excellent results. His levels of service and professionalism were unwavering. I honestly believe that I never would have made it through this without Larry's assistance and determination. Thank you!"
"You asked for only two or three sentences regarding our satisfaction in your representation of our case. That's not enough to express our gratitude! From the first phone call and your quick call back, to the update after the case closed, and all the attention to detail in between, you were awesome! You even took the time to come to my work so that I could put a face to your name prior to my decision to retain you! When we had doubts, you stood firm in what the outcome would be. You took on my husband's case along with mine in world record time! Words alone cannot express the gratitude and satisfaction we feel for the work you did for us. We absolutely will recommend you to anyone in the future that requires a law firm."
Deborah and Loren
"Larry Combs represented me on a charge of DUI; my blood alcohol was almost twice the legal limit. His knowledge of the law and concerted conscientious effort on my behalf resulted in a reduction in charges to DWAI. I found Larry to be very professional and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him as an attorney."
"All of us have made mistakes. And some of us are in the middle of a 'High Risk Mistake' right now. Now is the time to choose the Right Thing. That is what I did when I chose Larry Combs to represent me. His advice, patience, experience and upmost Professionalism have greatly encouraged me to stay on balance and keep focused on the right thing during my process. He led me through a trusting journey that ended up being a very good outcome with the circumstance that I was facing. When choosing a lawyer, make sure you involve a legal professional who will put your interests first and fight aggressively to seek the most advantageous case outcome, regardless of the particular charges you may be facing and the nature of the alleged offense. I am so glad I had Mr. Combs by my side. Thank you so very much."
Kati from Steamboat Springs
"Thank you for your excellent help and sage counsel, and for taking time out of your busy schedule to get me in right away. You were a great help and support in a difficult time for me. With your experience and guidance, I was able to see things more clearly."
"I can't say enough about Mr. Combs. As an out-of-state resident, his experience and professionalism not only kept me out of Colorado, but resulted in a positive disposition in my case. His communication and services were not just comforting but extremely effective as well."
Larry T.
"Larry Combs provided me with a truly awesome professional service for a recent DUI. He was on top of every aspect of the case from start to finish. He not only kept me informed but was instrumental in getting my administrative hearing dismissed and my conviction deferred. His services were very reasonably priced and he saved me money all along the way. I highly recommend his legal services."
"Larry offered extremely professional and sound counsel. He made the legal process clear and was realistic about what to expect. I greatly appreciated how he looked at the human element instead of approaching my case as 'just another DUI.' He was adamant about receiving the best possible outcome and getting my life back to normal as soon as possible. I would recommend Larry to anyone who finds themselves faced with a difficult legal dilemma."
"Larry Combs worked in a quick and respectful manner to get my DWAI deferred and my Careless Driving ticket dropped. I would recommend Larry Combs to anyone seeking legal advice."
"To my knowledge and experience, I feel that you have represented my case as best as possible. You have been an extremely responsible and comforting attorney through this entire process. This is a tough case and I understand the frustration involved. Yet, we worked out the best possible deal and will continue to fight for a better justice. I greatly appreciate your diligent work and I hold you in my best regards."
"I was pulled over in August coming from the hot springs (Strawberry Park) outside of Steamboat Springs. Having prior DUI's on my record, I refused the Breathalyzer test and was arrested. I was devastated and needed a good attorney. I searched the web for attorneys in Steamboat as I felt a lawyer from Steamboat would be the best option. We took this case to trial and Larry was outstanding. Fighting a DUI is very difficult, a jury dissension could go any way, Larry's representation was great and saved me from years of misery."
"I was referred to Larry by a retiring attorney whom I respected. Larry handled my case with professionalism and humanity. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone facing charges that have life changing consequences."
"In March of 2014, I was stopped and arrested for DWAI. I was concerned because the combined points of the DWAI arrest and traffic violation totaled 12, putting my driving privileges at risk, and no telling what it would do to my insurance costs. It was certain that I needed the services of an experienced lawyer. I got some advice and contacted Larry Combs. It turned out to be really good advice. After talking to him, he seemed reasonably sure that he could help avoid having this incident appear on my record. He made no promises, but he did put my mind at ease. My trial date was set for April and Larry did a good job of forming a strategy that worked, and I did receive a deferred judgment. I would recommend him highly. A very satisfied client."
"I have had my share of crises in my life. In the biggest self-inflicted crisis of my life, I had no idea on who to choose as an attorney to represent me and help me through it and end up with the least amount of damage done to my life. I knew that the decision over who to pick as an attorney would be a critical decision. I thought it would be best to ask some people who were experienced in this who they might recommend. The name Larry Combs came up multi times. I was told that of all the many choices I had, Larry would definitely be the one I would want to help me through it. I chose Larry and have since felt that I made the best decision possible. He worked very hard to do everything he could to minimize the damage to my life. He helped me gain confidence to work my way through my problem. Larry is a very strong attorney and he showed it in my very difficult case. He also has a very good staff (Isabelle) helping him help his clients. I would definitely recommend him"
T. T.
"I was referred to Larry Combs by a good friend and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I've made in my lifetime. Larry was able to negotiate a clean deferred sentence. Larry put forth significant effort expediting this case and ensuring minimal impact. I was unsure about being able to afford legal representation, but Larry Comb's services are affordable even for a college student. No matter their unique situation I would immediately refer anyone in need of an attorney to Mr. Combs."
"You need a lawyer like Mr. Combs. A professional person. He was always available, he listens, he has patience and he trusts in you. You can tell he loves and has passion for what he does."
"I want to thank you for helping us through this crisis in our family life. It was so good to have someone as sincere, understanding, knowledgeable and just nice to lead us through the legal system. Thanks again."
"Thank you again for your representation. I really appreciate you being able to work with me on these payment plans. You really helped save my sanity and saved my future. I can't thank you enough."
"Thank you for all your help, Larry. I truly do appreciate it and I wish you and Isabelle a happy holiday season. I will recommend you to anyone who needs a fair and dependable lawyer. Thank again and take care."
"Larry kept me in the loop, every step of the way, making it easy to understand the entire process of what I was going through. He was able to minimize the penalizations and set things up so that I could proceed with an in-state move I had been planning. My situation now is infinitely better because I hired Larry D. Combs."
"Larry was very knowledgeable and professional while representing me for an alcohol-related car accident. He was able to answer all of my questions and from his ample experience was able to discuss in detail the possible outcomes of the case. Larry was always on time and beside me in court. I would recommend him to a friend!"
"I retained Larry after being stopped for DUI in Grand County and charged with a refusal when I couldn't blow hard enough to register on the breathalyzer. As Larry warned me was likely, the DMV upheld the refusal determination, but through his diligence and diplomacy, Larry was able to negotiate a deferred judgment in my legal case. Maybe just as important to me, Larry and his team were consistently kind, responsive, and supportive throughout the process, making a stressful situation a little less daunting."
"I highly recommend Larry Combs as a defense attorney. Larry obtained a very favorable settlement for my DUI stop, even when the odds appeared to be against me ' Larry believed in fighting for my rights. Miraculously, Larry was able to use his experience and knowledge to negotiate a plea settlement, where it won't be on my record! Moreover, Larry was able to minimize costs ' quickly strategizing and scheduling efficiently, saving everyone involved time and money. Most importantly, I had the feeling that Larry was extremely focused on my case and that he was willing to go the extra mile to ensure I had the best defense possible. Highly recommended!"
"Larry Combs recently defended me in connection with a DUI. I am pleased to recommend him as a lawyer in DUIs and other matters. Larry is extremely professional and knowledgeable as a lawyer in these matters. He was recommended to me by another lawyer who is familiar with Larry's work. Beginning with our first meeting, Larry very carefully told me what to expect and his predictions were very accurate. Other professionals involved in my case all spoke very highly of Larry and I think the result Larry achieved for me was better than I had a right to expect. Throughout the experience, Larry stayed committed to helping me through to process. As stated above, I strongly recommend Larry Combs."
J. M.
"Thank you so much for handling my case, I truly appreciate the professionalism and guidance in getting my case deferred! I highly recommend anyone that is faced with a seemingly insurmountable legal issue, that they strongly consider Mr. Larry Combs, for their legal representation. His vast knowledge of the system and law, combined with his demeanor and experience is comforting when you are facing adversity. Thank you again Mr. Combs, for your expertise and guidance in getting this issue settled and behind me!"
C. H.
"I was arrested in steamboat springs for a dui 2 months ago. Understandably, I was confused, nervous and worried about what was going to become of this mistake. Larry helped me through every step of the court process and got the best possible court outcome. I highly recommend Larry's services and would use Larry's services again (hopefully I won't have to)."
M. R.
"Although not all court cases are the same, I would like to tell you my experience with Larry Combs. When I first met Larry and explained my pending case, he was patient, efficient and thorough explaining the law and potential penalties. He answered all my questions to my satisfaction. He negotiated a plea agreement I could live with. He was also instrumental in helping me be proactive with the sentencing process before my case went before the judge. This in turn eliminated about half of the sentencing fines and court costs, and other sentence requirements. He also worked within a timetable I could meet, such as court dates and dates with the probation office.I would highly recommend Larry Combs as an attorney and want to thank him for his service."
"Just a note to say thank you so much for all the work in Routt County towards the resolution. We are all so very grateful for your dedication and perseverance on his behalf."
K. B. & M.
"Through an unusual set of circumstances I found myself arrested for a DUI. Larry Combs was highly recommended to me and I am forever grateful. Mr. Combs is a consummate professional. He knows the law and he understands the process in Steamboat. He is respected by both his clients and his legal peers. In addition, Mr. Combs is kind, thoughtful and compassionate; he understands the terror and fear that his client is experiencing. He is, in addition to a master legal professional, a wonderful human being."
"Larry is a highly professional, helpful, and efficient attorney who successfully steered me through what can be a worrisome ordeal. My situation was especially unique and trying because I was out of state. Larry was of course undaunted by the circumstances, and was communicative and realistic during each stage in court, making sure I did not have to travel back to Colorado while ultimately securing a favorable outcome."
"It was the darkest day of my life. I met Larry Combs and felt immediately better mentally about my situation as Larry guided me through the legal process and got me a deferred judgment. I am able to repair my life and become a whole person again! Larry's kindness made me feel that there are people out there to help no matter what happens to you. Thank you, Larry Combs!"
"Just wanted to write and send my thanks for everything you did for me. Hope you have a great 2018 and thanks again."
"If you find yourself, as I did, seeking representation in an alcohol related incident with the law, look no further, Larry is a PRO. He knows the ropes, advised me and held my hand through the maze of DMV hearings, court appearances, probation officer evaluation and sentencing with a great outcome (given the charges). As Larry told me 'I don't waste time or money' in regard to him representing me in this matter.Larry was highly recommended to me and I certainly found him to be all that and more. Great job, Larry, and thank you so much for your service and reasonable fee."
"I would like to thank Larry for getting me an offer when the cards were stacked against me. Larry did a great job handling all of my requests and giving advice during my legal issues, he was tasked with reducing 2 Felony charges and 2 Misdemeanor charges in my Domestic Violence case with the possibility of prison time. Larry negotiated a plea offer that allowed me the ability to remain free and be able to get my rights and my life back. If it were not for Larry I would more than likely have lost much more.Thank you."
"Thank you so much for helping us navigate through this diversion process. I appreciate you speaking with _______. I think it was a much more meaningful experience to have you share your stories, philosophy and enlighten him about making good vs. bad choices. Again, you were wonderful to make yourself available, it really meant a lot to us and helped give me peace of mind. Thank you!!!"
"Thanks, Larry, you saved me a lot of trouble, I wish we could have fought the charges but the legal system in this country is set up so poor people don't have a chance. Thanks again."
"I appreciate all your help. Thank you very much."
"Larry did an excellent job on my case for a DUI. He was upfront on his pricing and kept me in the loop on what was going on and what to expect. Larry got me the best possible outcome on my case and I could not have gotten it without him."
"I am very pleased with the performance, support, professionalism and determination of Mr. Combs. Throughout my case, he was always very quick to respond, made himself available during times that most would consider after hours and always patient in explaining the status and details/developments of my case. Mr. Combs was able to get my DWAI reduced to a deferment. Thumbs up to his office staff, Isabelle. I received emails and all other documents in a timely manner. I have already referred two people to you and will continue to do so. Your law firm is the best."
"Hello Larry and Isabelle: THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH' you professional commitment to my success, in many arenas of life, has moved me deeply. Larry, you have been a solid advocate and friend and I will never, ever forget the experience and creativity in dealing with my legal problems. There is no attorney nor human spirit that measures up to your degree. It has been an honor and gift to have found you in 2003 when life was horrendous! Your humor and support during all of my issues have made such a powerful impact in my life, I am forever grateful. With warm wishes and appreciation,"
L. L.
"Thank you for your help and assistance with my traffic violation. I appreciate your timeliness and expertise."
"Thank you so much for all your help. You and Larry have helped me through the biggest mistake of my life. With gratitude,"
"Thank you guys so much. Please let Mr. Combs know I said thank you very much. This is a life changer for me."
"Please express my gratitude once again to Larry for helping my son get on the right track. I am so overwhelmed with joy that my son has a chance to understand and appreciate the importance of proper life choices and the consequences of bad behavior, without the destructions of his future potential."
"Larry, I can't thank you enough for everything you have done so far. Thank you for all your hard work and for being in our corner."
"Despite the unfortunate circumstances of dealing with charges against me, Larry provided me with the utmost support and guidance in approaching the case in the best way possible. With his knowledge and willingness to fight for what was the best possible outcome considering the circumstances, I received a deferred sentence. His support and persistence are the reason I was given this deferral in my case. Many thanks to him!"
"Did a great job communicating and explaining the legal process! Case was solved in an unexpectedly short period of time as was necessary. Very knowledgeable and respected by the members of the court."
"When I was arrested for DUI I found myself in a state of uncertainty, confusion, and fear. After asking members of the community what lawyer I should seek for representation, the name repeatedly told to me was Larry Combs. After speaking with Larry I immediately had a sense of calm about my legal situation. He explained to me all of the legal intricacies of my case in layman terms. Larry has extensive knowledge of how the legal process in Steamboat works and the key people that need to be worked with. Most importantly Larry said what he was going to do for me and did it. A deferred judgment would be the best case scenario, and that was exactly the outcome. Communicating with me the entire time through the process. I highly recommend the services of Larry Combs if you are looking for representation. Call him today."
"I was stopped and charged with a DUI while I was experiencing a medical issue. I tried in vain to explain my issue to the local DA, but she was only interested in getting a conviction. I contacted Mr. Combs and while he said that there is never any guarantees, he did say that if we ended up going to trial, he would do his best to get me a full acquittal. The case did go to trial, and never have I felt in better hands. The jury was only out for approximately 45 minutes before coming back with a Not Guilty verdict. Thank you, Mr. Combs for a job well done. I would recommend you to anyone without hesitation."
"I prosecuted a lot of Larry's clients. He is a skilled and vigorous advocate and I would not hesitate to hire him myself."
Former Deputy District Attorney
"Thank you for your wise counsel and assistance. We deeply appreciate you helping out family in a time of need."
The Family of C. D.
"Thank you so much for everything you have done for me! I really appreciate it all."
"I don't have many heroes. I have lost faith in many things. But you are so appreciated by me. Thank you for all you do."
B. M.
"Thank you for helping me with my legal issues. I will recommend you for any legal issues my friends may have in Colorado."
"Larry was very helpful representing me in my case. He is very respected by law enforcement, district attorneys as well as judges. He also listened to me as I explained my arrest and why I did what I did. My final sentence is very fair and I have recommended him to others that I know may require an attorney in the future."
L. N. from Steamboat Springs
"I recently found myself searching for an attorney due to a DUI arrest where I came across Larry Combs' website. It was here that I read all of the testimonies posted of individuals that Larry had represented in the past. I proceeded to make arrangements with Larry and this was without question the best choice I could have made and after a brief discussion our goal was to minimize the penalties. My DUI charge was my first with full refusal to any type of chemical testing. The outcome of my case turned out to be the best that we could have expected which consisted of a deferred sentence, zero fines, zero points against my license and the minimum community service requirement. Larry's professionalism, experience, respect within the legal community that he serves and the understanding and respect he had for me and my situation was invaluable. If you find yourself reading these testimonials as I did, be assured that you have found the right attorney to help you."
S. P. from Steamboat Springs
"I have never been as appreciative about any business person as I am about Larry. I always call him 'The Buddha Attorney!' He is amazing not only as an attorney but as a wonderful, kind and supportive human being that I have ever had the amazing pleasure of experiencing. I will always be indebted to him for all that he did professionally for me but he touched my like in such a way that I will never forget the impact he had on my life."
L. L. from Steamboat Springs
"Thanks for all of the help you provided me, you are a true professional"
S. D. from Steamboat Springs
"I do appreciate you and will be living a good life because of your work. Thanks."
T. M. from Steamboat Springs
"Larry Combs is one of the most diligent and hardworking people I have ever had the pleasure of being in close contact with. He is without a doubt one of the most trustworthy people you could have on your side, especially in a time of dire need. Not only did he help me immensely in one of the most difficult and complicated times of my life, he was always very competent with communication, available for reassurance and guidance at almost any time. I had quite a difficult case to handle and Larry handled it with ease. Larry is not afraid to step up to the place for any need, big or small. Always professional and polished, I am more than content with everything he did for me, and would recommend him to anyone."
K. B. from Steamboat Springs
"I was charged with possession of marijuana and alcohol and drug paraphernalia in Steamboat Springs. Larry Combs provided me with legal advice and representation in court, both of which were handled very professionally. As a result, Mr. Combs was able to significantly aid me in decreasing the fines and legal repercussions of my case to 12 hours of community service, drug-alcohol class and court fees, along with the opportunity for expungement of my charges."
J. M. from Steamboat Springs
"Larry Combs helped out our 19-year old son with the 3 misdemeanors he obtained after one night of bad decisions. Our son had no prior convictions and is a good kid. Larry was able to get one charge dropped and 2 charges deferred once the useful public service and the required class are completed. Larry is very honest, knowledgeable, timely, professional and a great advocate for my son. We hope we never have to use his services again, but if needed, he would be the first one we would call."
Thanks from the G Family
"Larry, thank you for all you have done to help our family. We are forever grateful for all your help."
The V Family
"I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your help in my trespass matter. Without your assistance, there is no doubt that I would have been forced to proceed with the trial. I can't overstate my appreciation for your assistance throughout the process and please let me know if there is anything I can do to repay the favor."
"They are the utmost honest, hardworking, professional and serious - and take to to understand and hear your needs as they can change during a fiasco. They know what’s going on and are extremely proactive and results drive. And helpful. "
Louie S. Marchman
"Mr. Brown went above and beyond to make sure I felt heard during my case. I appreciate you, sir! "
Alvin Arnaud
"Everybody in this law firm is extremely helpful. Always answered all my questions."

Contact a Steamboat Springs Criminal Defense Attorney Today

A criminal conviction can destroy your life in an instant. If you are being investigated for criminal charges in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, it is vital that you do not talk to the authorities. In spite of what officers might say, they are not there to help you. Instead, contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

At the Brown Law Firm, we know that when you are faced with criminal charges, it’s all too easy to get entangled in a complex and challenging process that can have instant and pervasive impacts on your life. As your Steamboat Springs criminal defense lawyers, The Brown Law Firm practice law with the utmost standards of professionalism and empathy, always upholding the aim to ensure that our clients’ rights are protected. We are not daunted by the system, so let us fight on your behalf. Contact our Steamboat Springs, Colorado, office today for a consultation.