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With offices in Steamboat Springs, the Combs & Brown Law Office is available to help you address any hunting and fishing charges you may be facing.  Attorney Sean Brown has been fishing and hunting most of his life.  He has fished on the lakes of Kentucky, off the shores of Alaska, and hunted Moose and Caribou in Alaska.   At the Combs & Brown Law Firm, hunting and fishing violations are viewed as serious matters.

Hunting and Fishing Law in Steamboat Springs

Hunting violations are not limited to poaching, hunting, and fishing without a license.  Colorado has strict wild game laws and many people face penalties for offenses they did not know were illegal. Examples of some of these violations can include:

  • Keeping a loaded weapon in a vehicle
  • Hunting on private property without permission
  • Waste of game
  • Failure to tag
  • Failure to leave evidence of animal’s sex
  • Failure to obtain proper fishing or hunting license
  • Unknowingly hunting protected species

Hunting and Fishing Conviction Ramifications

These offenses and others can limit your participation in a favorite outdoor sport and result in hefty fines.  Should you be convicted of illegally selling wildlife or willfully destroying habitats, these are felonies and can limit your ability to find a job or good housing.

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Don’t Plead Before Consulting with Experienced Lawyers

Many people pay their fines without realizing the additional impacts of admitting to these violations. If you face violations, it is a good idea to talk to a hunting attorney before pleading to any charges.

Combs & Brown supports sportsmen and helps you make informed decisions about hunting and game violations. Even if you committed the offense, we can discuss mitigating circumstances that could reduce your fine or hunting license suspension.

There are also situations where you may have followed the law but a game warden believed otherwise. Private property is not always clearly marked and you may have tagged your quarry only to have the tag come loose. Combs & Brown will work with you to create an ethical solid defense for you in these cases.

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If you face hunting violations that amount to felonies, we can represent you in those cases too. Combs & Brown offers criminal defense representation for anyone facing felony charges, including game and wildlife violations.

Do not jump to conclusions and plead to violations without consulting a specialist. Call Combs & Brown today to discuss your case in more detail before you make a decision.

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