Drug Offense Defense


Colorado Drug-Related Misdemeanor and Felony Charges

The State of Colorado has relaxed its stance on marijuana, however many other misdemeanor or felony drug offenses are still in effect. Crimes under Colorado State Law include possession, distribution, manufacturing, cultivation, and carrying drug paraphernalia. If convicted of any of these crimes, there are some stiff penalties to pay, which can include incarceration, parole, and fines.

Ramifications of Drug-Related Convictions

If you are convicted for a drug-related offense, this will have a major impact on your life. For instance, when convicted of a drug charge, you can be sentenced to jail time which can range from six months to eight years as a minimum. Serious felony offenses can carry jail terms of up to 32 years. Misdemeanor drug convictions carry up to 18 months in jail. As a result, you may have trouble seeking employment, education, and even housing.

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A Personalized Approach

Combs & Brown, LLC works hard to examine the facts and evidence related to your case to make sure none of your rights were violated. For example, sometimes unlawful searches or illegally obtained confessions take place. If this potentially occurred in your situation, we’ll get to the bottom of the issue and make sure you are protected against unlawful search and seizure.

Addiction & Drug-Related Convictions

Many drug offenses may be the result of addiction, which can happen even with prescription medicine. Going to jail will never solve this health-related problem, but treatment and therapy can. Combs & Brown believes the legal system should explore alternatives before sending people directly to jail where they can’t get the help they need. If addiction applies to your situation, Combs & Brown, LLC will be proactive with the prosecution and judge to demonstrate why treatment would be a better alternative to incarceration with a more positive outcome.

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Once you are convicted of a drug offense in Colorado, this record carries with you for life. You want to be careful about pleading guilty to a drug offense if there are grounds for dismissal, because if you happen to be arrested a second time, the penalties are very harsh and the criminal justice system will not be forgiving. The attorneys at the Combs & Brown Law Firm are committed to protecting both your record and constitutional rights. They will examine your case to see if there are grounds for dismissal. If not, they will work hard to find an appropriate and more productive alternative to jail.

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