Routt County Court in Colorado


Before going to the Routt County Court in Colorado, you want to know what to expect. Read on to learn what you need to know about this County Court and what it does.

Routt County Court in Colorado


The Routt County Court in Colorado is based in Steamboat Springs, Co, in the Third Judicial District. It is among one of the busiest colorado courts, and at some point, it was the third busiest in the state. It is known for handling all sorts of family, criminal, juvenile, and civil law cases.

The Routt County colorado court was recently refurbished in 1975 and has the distinction of being one of the very few courts that still has a jail on site. The courthouse has 12 courtrooms, all used for trial proceedings.

The Routt County courts are typically divided into Civil Courts and criminal courts. In the Routt County Criminal courts, the prosecution usually brings cases against parties accused of breaking the law. In civil cases, the courts are usually responsible for resolving disputes among their citizens.


Hiring a Routt County Attorney

The courthouse handled filings of more than 15,000 cases in 2013, including criminal, divorce, and traffic offenses. Given how many cases the court handles, it has a staff of more than 100 people, including clerks and judges.

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Judges in the Routt County Court


To be a judge in the Routt County Colorado court, one must be a qualified elector of Routt County who has the equivalent of high school education or have a high school diploma. The initial term of office for a judge in the Steamboat Springs, CO-based court is a provisional term of two years. If an incumbent judge gets voters’ approval, their term may be extended to four years.

Judges in the Routt County Court are usually responsible for upholding the law and presiding over cases. They determine the guilt or innocence of a person and impose sentences accordingly.

The governor of Colorado or the president of the United States appoints Judges to their position if they serve on a federal court. A judge can hold this position for as long as they want, but there is no limit to how many terms they can serve. Judges must be at least thirty years old and have been a lawyer for at least ten years before being eligible for appointment to this position.

Routt County Small Claims Court


Routt County Small Claims Court is a Routt County District Court division that handles small claims cases up to $5,000.00. The court is located in the courthouse in downtown Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

To file a claim in this court, you must be at least 18 years old, a resident of Routt County, or have been injured in an accident that occurred within the county. You should also be able to show that you are owed money by someone who lives or does business in Routt County.

If you are suing a corporation, your claim cannot exceed $5,000.00, and you must have been injured due to an accident within the county.

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Do You Need Legal Representation in Routt County Court?


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Routt County Court Docket and Calendar

The Routt County Court Docket and Calendar is a public service provided by the Routt County Court. The site provides information on court cases, dockets, calendars, jury duty information, and more.

It also provides access to civil case filings and criminal records of those convicted of a crime in the State of Colorado.

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What Is the Routt County Court Address?

The Routt County Court Address is located in the Routt County Justice Center at 1955 Shield Drive, Unit 200 in Steamboat Springs, CO 80487.

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Common Routt County Court Services


The court system in Routt County is a “self-supporting” system. This means it is funded by the fees and fines collected from the people who come to court. There are three different types of courts in Routt County: District, Justice of the Peace, and Municipal.

District Court handles felony cases and some misdemeanor cases. The District Court has jurisdiction over all Routt County except Steamboat Springs City Court.

The Justice of the Peace Court handles traffic violations, civil disputes with less than $5,000 in controversy, small claims cases involving up to $7,500 for property damages or $10,000 for personal injury claims.

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How to Access Routt County Court Records


The court records are public and can be accessed from the website of Routt County Court.

To find out more about how to access Routt County Court Records, please visit the following link: If you have legal business at the Routt County Court, working with experienced attorneys who understand the system is critical.

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