Personal Injury Lawyers in Steamboat Springs


If you are involved in a car wreck, workplace accident, ski mishap, or suffer another type of injury through no fault of your own, personal injury lawyers in Steamboat Springs, CO can help.

Choosing the Right Steamboat Springs, CO Personal Injury Lawyers

No one ever expects to need the services of a personal injury lawyer, but when accidents happen, they can be your saving grace. In the U.S. legal system, monetary assistance is the only form of compensation available if you are an innocent victim in a vehicular accident, workplace incident, or various other situations on someone else’s property.

The Colorado personal injury attorneys at Combs & Brown can help in these situations:

  • Car accident
  • Bicycle accident
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Truck accident
  • Ski and snowboard accidents
  • Sexual abuse
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Wrongful death
  • Unfortunately, insurance firms and businesses aren’t always willing to pay up, even if the company or their covered party is responsible for your pain and suffering. It is in their best interests to blame the victim rather than pay for long-term medical or lost income expenses. The less they pay, the more their company makes.

    That is why you need an aggressive attorney to take on your injury case in Steamboat Springs. If you are injured or have suffered severe injuries because of any case mentioned above, we are here to help you get justice. You do not want to be at the mercy of their greed.

    That said, you want the right lawyer: an ethical and responsible attorney who has your best interests at heart. The team at Combs & Brown are those counselors. So, submit your contact form to book a consultation to get legal advice from expert attorneys.

    What to Do If You’re in a Car Accident

    If you are in an accident, there are a few things you need to do to protect yourself and your case:

    1. Remain at the scene of the accident until authorities arrive
    2. Cooperate with law enforcement and emergency responders
    3. Get the names and contact information of any witnesses
    4. Take pictures of the scene and injuries
    5. Do not speak to the other driver’s insurance company without an attorney
    6. Seek medical attention as soon as possible

    Combs & Brown will help you through the entire legal process, from filing your claim to negotiating a settlement. We have experience with serious injury cases and know what it takes to get you a successful resolution. Contact us today for a consultation.


    When Should You Hire a Steamboat Springs Injury Attorney?

    Personal injuries can leave you and your family’s lives in turmoil. While you are struggling to emotionally and physically recover from the injury, the various monetary stresses during that process can make your struggles much more difficult.

    Fear not. You are not alone. You can rely on a Steamboat Springs injury lawyer at Combs & Brown to help you navigate through these tough times, advise, and advocate for your rights, as well as prepare evidence and represent you to secure the justice and compensation you may be entitled to. Book an initial consultation of your case with our expert attorneys.

    Working with the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Steamboat Springs, CO

    The best personal injury law firm in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, will help you navigate the tricky issues you will encounter when dealing with the insurance company or the entity that caused you harm.

    Some of the most common catastrophic injuries seen after skiing mishaps, motor vehicle accidents or other difficult situations include:

  • Back injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Head injuries or traumatic brain injuries
  • Fractures
  • Neck injuries
  • Sprains
  • In many of these situations, compensation may be available to you. Personal injury law depends on the concept of negligence.

    This means if there is another person or entity who owes you a “duty” — such as the duty to keep their facilities safe and clean, or the duty to observe rules of the road when driving — and the failure to observe that duty, leading to your injury, you sue them for damages. Their negligence led to your pain, medical bills, time off of work, etc. All of this can be used during the lawsuit.

    Additionally, if a loved one experiences an unexpected and untimely death due to someone else’s negligence, you may also have a case. At Combs & Brown, we help our clients through these challenging situations every day.

    How Personal Injury Lawyers in Colorado Can Help After a Ski Accident

    If you’re visiting Steamboat Springs, chances are you are in the area for entertainment and possibly some extreme sports. Unfortunately, with extreme sports comes risk, resulting in painful and expensive consequences.

    If you take all the proper precautions, thus diminishing your contributory negligence, then the ski lodge, resort, or another party may be liable for your personal injury. Personal injury firms in Colorado are instrumental in helping people obtain favorable results after a skiing or snowboarding injury.

    Here is how a Law Firm or attorney can help.

    1- Negotiate With Insurance Companies

    The right Steamboat Springs personal injury law firm can help you negotiate with insurance Firms. At Combs & Brown, we help each client get the best possible outcome for their situation, whether that means taking a settlement or bringing the case to court. Our primary goal is to get you back on your feet and ease your recovery.

    2- Help You Understand Available Legal Options

    Combs & Brown has your back. As advocates of the people, we can answer your questions, explain the regulations and clarify your rights. With this law office in your corner, you can feel confident that you have the legal assistance and support necessary to handle your case successfully.

    3- File a Lawsuit

    If the insurance company is unwilling to cooperate or provide a reasonable settlement, your personal injury lawyer in Steamboat Springs can file a lawsuit on your behalf. This process begins with filing a complaint and the exchange of evidence between both parties. This is where our years of experience can be advantageous to you.

    4- Gather Evidence

    The evidence in a personal injury case is important, as it can be used to prove negligence. Our legal team knows what to look for and will diligently collect all relevant information related to your case. This evidence may include photos of the scene, medical records, and witness statements.

    5- Assist With Your Recovery

    While we work to resolve your legal case, our office will also provide assistance with your physical and emotional recovery. From providing resources for medical treatment to helping you connect with local support groups, we want to make sure you have everything you need during this difficult time.


    For ski and snowboard enthusiasts, check out some of our helpful tips on how to stay safe on the slopes and prevent difficult situations below:

    If you have been injured or suffered pain from a ski accident, it’s time to see a Steamboat Springs attorney for legal action. Please call our law firm and book a consultation for more information. Our attorneys will review your case in the initial consultation and provide you with the best possible legal help about your available options.

    Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Steamboat Springs, Colorado?

    When a client contacts a Steamboat Springs injury attorney, they are usually looking for advice or advocacy after a tragic injury or even a death in the family. Whether it is for property damage to their automobile or an injury they sustained to their person.

    Often, clients seek the following compensation:

  • Current and future lost wages
  • Current and future medical costs
  • Legal costs
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Compensation for emotional stress
  • The right personal injury lawyers in Steamboat Springs will be able to guide you in the right direction to begin your physical and emotional recovery.

    Hiring a Colorado Accident and Injury Lawyer and Filing a Claim

    A personal injury attorney in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, can help individuals defend their rights if they are hurt through no fault of their own. You don’t have to feel like a powerless victim, and your family doesn’t have to suffer. Reputable Steamboat Springs attorneys will review your case and help you take steps towards the best possible.

    If you’re considering filing an accident claim, it’s essential not to delay. For many injuries, there is a strict statute of limitations that dictates how long you have to file your case. If you don’t get legal help and handle the issue promptly, you may be out of luck.

    Colorado law provides only two years to file a personal injury case. This time limit, which is the statute of limitations for a case, begins on the date of the accident or, in other cases, the date upon which the injuries were discovered. Since there is such a short window of opportunity, you must reach out for assistance promptly.

    Book a, Initial Consultation of Your Case

    Contact Combs & Brown for an informative consultation with attorneys who have ample experience handling Colorado personal injury cases. In addition to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, our firm also provides services to Eagle, Summit, Pitkin, and Garfield Counties.

    We want to ensure that you have all the information you need to make the best decision for yourself and your family. You can book a consultation by calling our office or filling out our online form. We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.