Injured in a truck collision in Steamboat Springs, CO? Brown Law Firm offers experienced legal assistance to help you recover.

If you suffered injuries and financial losses because of a careless or reckless truck driver in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, you have rights. You can pursue compensation and hold the trucking company liable for your injuries, expenses, and losses.

A Steamboat Springs, CO, truck accident lawyer from Brown Law Firm is here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation with our team.

Why Choose Brown Law Firm for Your Steamboat Springs, CO, Truck Accident Attorney?

Brown Law Firm’s truck accident lawyers have the experience, skills, and resources to build a solid case based on your Steamboat Springs, CO, crash and hold the truck driver and their employer accountable. Our knowledgeable team works based on contingency, so you will never pay upfront fees or costs before we begin work on your case.

Contact us today for your free case review. We will answer your questions and assess your case at no cost.

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What Compensation Will a Steamboat Springs, CO, Truck Crash Lawyer Pursue for Me?

The specific damages our truck accident lawyer will pursue in your case depend on:

  • The circumstances of the case
  • The extent of your injuries
  • The insurance coverage available
  • The applicable laws
  • Other factors

A skilled Steamboat, CO, truck accident lawyer from Brown Law Firm will assess your situation and pursue the compensation available to you.

This could include:

  • Medical Expenses: This includes current and future medical bills and other expenses, such as hospital stays, surgeries, doctor visits, medications, rehabilitation, and therapies.
  • Lost Income: If your injuries prevent you from working, you can recover compensation for lost income. This could include future diminished earning capacity if your injuries cause long-term or permanent disability.
  • Property Damage: You can seek compensation if your vehicle or other personal property requires repair or replacement.
  • Pain and Suffering: This covers physical pain and emotional distress from the accident and your injuries. It could include a wide range of non-economic or intangible losses.
  • Wrongful Death Damages: If a loved one dies from truck accident injuries, our wrongful death lawyer can help you pursue compensation for funeral expenses, loss of financial support, loss of companionship, and other damages through a wrongful death action.

Our Truck Accident Lawyer Will Identify the Liable Parties in Your Steamboat Springs, CO, Collision Case

Colorado commercial vehicle collision cases work differently than typical Steamboat Springs auto accidents. This is because of the legal doctrine of respondeat superior, as confirmed under CO Code § 13-21-111.5. Under this doctrine, an employer is legally responsible for their worker’s negligence if it occurs while they are working.

When a trucker is behind the wheel of a big rig, they are working for their company. This allows our attorneys to hold the trucking company or corporation employing the driver vicariously liable in these cases. This is important since the companies usually have large liability insurance policies.

Other potentially liable parties in a truck accident in Steamboat Springs include:

  • The truck manufacturer
  • Maintenance companies
  • The company whose workers loaded the cargo
  • Other drivers involved in causing the crash

Our attorneys will investigate your crash and identify the potentially liable party or parties. We understand how these cases work and how to hold the trucking company accountable. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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Let Our Steamboat Springs, CO, Truck Crash Lawyer Build a Compelling Case for You

Brown Law Firm can build a compelling case based on a Steamboat Springs, CO, truck collision. Proving fault and liability typically involves a thorough investigation, and you can count on our personal injury lawyers to manage this process.

Here are some crucial steps we may take:

  • Gathering evidence such as police accident reports, eyewitness statements, a survey of the accident scene, video of the crash, and official crash reports
  • Reviewing any applicable state and federal regulations to determine if any violations occurred and contributed to the accident, including hours-of-service violations, improper maintenance, or overweight trucks
  • Obtaining Electronic Logging Device (ELD) data, which includes hours of service and driving behavior
  • Examining truck maintenance records, allowing us to identify any neglected repairs or maintenance issues that could have contributed to the accident
  • Analyzing the driver’s history to learn more about their driving record, prior accidents, violations, and any history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Consulting experts, including accident reconstruction specialists, engineers, medical experts, or other professionals
  • Interviewing witnesses and recording their statements
  • Preserving evidence quickly since the trucking company often holds a lot of the most important evidence

By carefully gathering and analyzing evidence, our Steamboat Springs truck accident attorneys build a compelling case to establish how the truck driver caused the crash and show their employer is vicariously liable.

Our Steamboat Springs, CO, Personal Injury Lawyers Know How Difficult It Is to Handle a Truck Accident Claim on Your Own

Managing an insurance claim and recovering compensation on your own after a Steamboat Springs, CO, truck accident can be challenging. It may be difficult or impossible to recover a fair payout on your own for several reasons:

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies often try to minimize payouts by offering lowball settlements or denying claims. They have teams of adjusters and lawyers working to protect their interests.

Evidence Collection

Gathering and preserving evidence—accident reports, medical records, witness statements, truck data, and more—requires time and resources. Missing or mishandling key evidence can weaken your claim.

Understanding Compensation

It is difficult to determine the full extent of your damages and understand what compensation is available. This is especially true for estimating future damages and valuing pain and suffering losses.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiating with insurance companies to reach a fair settlement requires strong negotiation skills. Without experience in handling such negotiations, you may be at a disadvantage.

Emotional Toll

Dealing with the physical and emotional toll of a truck accident can make it challenging to focus on an insurance claim and navigate the process effectively.

Given these challenges, many victims decide to hire a Steamboat Springs truck accident attorney. Working with our team can significantly increase your chances of successfully managing your insurance claim and recovering the compensation you deserve.

Our attorney can handle the insurance companies, fight for compensation, and advocate for your rights, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

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