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If you were hurt in a rideshare accident in Steamboat Springs, CO, working with an attorney to help you pursue and secure compensation could make the process easier and more effective. Rideshare collisions are complex because of the way these companies work and the insurance coverage available.

A Steamboat Springs, CO, rideshare accident lawyer from Brown Law Firm can explain your rights, explore your options, and handle your claim. You do not have to fight for justice on your own. Contact us today for a free case consultation.

Steamboat Springs Rideshare Accident Attorneys at The Brown Law Firm

Why Choose a Lawyer from Brown Law Firm for Your Steamboat Springs Rideshare Accident Case?

Brown Law Firm represents victims and their families after Steamboat Springs, Colorado, injuries. We have the knowledge, experience, skill, and resources to fight for the compensation they need, hold the at-fault parties responsible, and recover money to pay for medical care and other accident-related needs.

Our rideshare accident team can help victims hurt in collisions when:

  1. They were a rideshare passenger
  2. A rideshare driver hit their car
  3. The rideshare driver hit them while they were walking or riding a bicycle

We provide representation with no upfront fees or costs. Our contingency fee personal injury lawyers only ask clients to pay for our services after we close the case and recover compensation for them. Our attorney’s fees are a portion of the recovered damages.

To learn more, contact us today for your free consultation.

What Damages Can I Recover With Help From a Steamboat Springs, CO, Rideshare Collision Lawyer?

The specific types and amounts of damages available will depend on the circumstances of your case, the extent of your injuries, the insurance policies available, and the applicable laws. Working with our experienced car accident lawyer ensures that you pursue all available avenues for compensation.

You can count on us to identify, document, and value your recoverable damages.

This frequently includes:

  • Costs related to hospitalization, surgery, medication, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and any other medical treatment necessary for your injuries resulting from the accident
  • Future medical expenses if your injuries require ongoing care
  • Compensation for the wages or salary you’ve lost during your recovery period, including both past and future lost income if your injuries stop you from returning to work or affect your earning capacity in the future
  • Compensation for the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle or other personal property damaged in the accident
  • Money for the physical pain, emotional distress, and inconvenience caused by the accident and your resulting injuries, often referred to as “pain and suffering damages”

Unfortunately, not all victims hurt in rideshare collisions survive their injuries. Our wrongful death lawyers can explain your rights if you lost a loved one in one of these crashes. Contact us today to learn more during a free consultation with our team.

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Our Rideshare Crash Lawyers Understand How These Claims Work in Steamboat Springs, CO

Rideshare collisions are more complex than most Steamboat Springs auto accidents. This is primarily because of the way insurance coverage works with rideshare companies. Both Uber and Lyft provide insurance for Steamboat Springs rideshare drivers, but the coverage available depends on what the driver was doing on the service’s app at the time of the collision.

In general, the phases of a rideshare driver’s work include:

  • Not on the app
  • Logged on the app but not matched with a rider
  • Logged on the app and matched with a rider
  • Logged on the app, matched with a rider, and a ride is in progress

When a driver is not logged on the app, only their personal auto liability policy is available for coverage. As soon as they log on the app, the rideshare company provides a contingency policy to cover when their personal coverage denies the claim or does not provide enough coverage.

Each rideshare company provides a substantial liability policy that is the primary coverage any time the driver is going to pick up a rider or has a rider in the car.

Our rideshare accident lawyers know how to identify the coverage available when your crash occurred and pursue fair compensation based on it. There are generally two ways how our rideshare accident lawyers can recover money for you in these cases. This includes:


Your lawyer will negotiate with the rideshare company’s insurance provider on your behalf. This often involves submitting a demand letter outlining the details of your claim and the compensation you are seeking. This could take time but is the most common way we recover compensation for our clients.


If a fair settlement cannot be reached through negotiation, your lawyer may recommend filing a lawsuit against the rideshare driver and/or the rideshare company. They will represent you in court and advocate for your rights during the litigation process.

How Will My Steamboat Springs, CO, Rideshare Accident Attorney Manage My Case?

At Brown Law Firm, we know how to build a compelling case to hold the at-fault driver or rideshare company accountable. This process takes time, resources, and experience that is often difficult or impossible for victims to manage on their own.

If you have serious injuries, let our team handle your claim while you focus on treatment and healing.

The steps we commonly take to hold a rideshare company liable for accident injuries include:

  • Investigating the Crash: Our lawyer will gather evidence related to the accident, including police reports, witness statements, photos of the accident scene, and any available video footage from nearby surveillance cameras or dashboard cameras.
  • Determining Liability: Our lawyer will assess the circumstances of the accident to determine who was at fault. If a rideshare driver was “on the app,” the rideshare company might share liability under some circumstances.
  • Reviewing Insurance Coverage: Our lawyer will review the rideshare company’s insurance policy as well as the driver’s personal policy to determine the available coverage.
  • Calculating Damages: Our lawyer will calculate the damages you’ve incurred, including medical expenses, lost income, property damage, pain and suffering, and any future expenses.
  • Recovering Compensation: If your case is successful, you may receive compensation through a settlement agreement or court judgment.

Throughout the process, it’s important to work closely with your lawyer, provide them with all relevant information and documentation, and follow their guidance to maximize your chances of recovering the compensation you deserve.


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