Colorado Personal Attorney: Road Sharing Safety for Bikes and Vehicles

Whether you’re driving a vehicle or riding a bike, many things compete for our attention. We all want to feel safe as we drive or ride through streets and roads so to avoid collisions or falls. So learning how to share the road safely is everyone’s number one priority.


As a cyclist in Steamboat Springs, Colorado – Bike Town USA it’s important to remember that traffic laws not only apply to vehicle drivers but cyclists too. All of us must adhere to traffic signals, road signs, and rules of the road. Plus, you’ll want to pay attention to the right of way rules when riding a bike or driving a vehicle. So keep yourself out of danger by stopping at a stop sign or traffic light always.

One of the best things a cyclist can do is to keep close to the curb when riding in a street or better yet ride in lanes marked for bikes. When possible, stay away from riding on a sidewalk to avoid a collision with a pedestrian. So the best practice is to always pay attention to road conditions whether on the street, sidewalk, or bike path. Always be alert when presented with rocks, potholes, or car doors about to come open.

Most importantly, remember to wear a bike helmet. Preferably one that is the right size; it can’t be too small where it covers just the crown of your head. Your helmet should cover the majority of your head and fit snug. With the right size helmet, your vision will not be blocked, it will snap perfectly underneath and your chin in the area between the chin and neck. Plus, you should think about wearing light or reflector on your helmet for extra safety measures.



As a driver of a vehicle, there are many things to keep in mind when sharing the road with bikes. When you first see a bike path to the right of a road, be alert, and know cyclists may be around. Giving cyclists 3 feet of space between the bike and vehicle is a good way to avoid a collision. You’ll also give the bike some space in case there is a need to avoid an unexpected road condition.

When parking on the street, especially near a bike path before you open your door to exit your vehicle, always look in your mirror for cyclists. Whether passing a cyclist in a parking lot or street, you should always make sure to pass on the left. Pass only when it’s safe even if you have to slow down to drive behind a cyclist. And remember to keep 3 feet of space between the vehicle and bike.

Once we understand cyclists and vehicles have a right to the use of roads, and streets; we all can practice safety measures to create safe conditions for all. If you have been injured in a bike accident, contact us to discuss your legal options.