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Consequences of Colorado Domestic Violence Charges

Colorado is strict on domestic violence. If you’re accused by a spouse or someone you’ve been intimate with, conviction carries serious repercussions. In addition to the penalties imposed by the State of Colorado, you’ll have to complete a 36-week Domestic Violence Anger Management class ($1,600), serve one year of supervised probation ($600) and face possible incarceration. A domestic violence conviction also means you cannot consume alcohol, carry a firearm and must submit to random urine analysis.

Under state law, a domestic violence event doesn’t necessarily have to be violent. The law includes acts of intimidation, coercion, control, punishment or revenge against not just a person, but property too. Since Colorado treats all accusations equally, an arrest could lead to life-altering consequences, affecting you personally and professionally.

Police reports are often based on emotionally-charged or prejudiced statements or hearsay information.

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Wrongful Arrests Are Common, Speak with Experts

In Colorado, police are required to make an arrest in most domestic violence disputes. This is unfair and inappropriate if you were wrongfully accused through false or misinformation given to police in the heat of the moment. Sometimes people say regrettable things when they are upset, leading to unfortunate results. Even if your accuser wants to drop charges, according to Colorado’s stringent domestic violence laws, the state must proceed until if and when it decides to dismiss the case. For a dismissal to be considered, they’ll need compelling evidence.

Work with Trial Lawyers Experienced in Domestic Violence Law

Many of the problems associated with domestic violence accusations are rooted in deeper issues such as money, alcohol or family tensions. At Combs & Brown, LLC, we have more than 60 years of combined trial experience. We’ll work hard to encourage prosecutors to look at the underlying problems that lead to the accusations against you. If there is cause to show a domestic violence accusation was wrongful, we’ll demonstrate to the prosecutor and judge that once these root issues are resolved, there is no reason to believe domestic violence would happen again.

Being accused of domestic violence is frightening. If you are accused, you should call an attorney right away so you can better protect your rights. The attorneys at Combs & Brown, LLC will quickly schedule a confidential consultation and start working to protect your rights. They will ensure you receive fair treatment during this difficult process.

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