Everything You Need to Know about Working with a Colorado Criminal Lawyer

If you are facing criminal charges, a top-rated Colorado criminal defense lawyer at Brown Law Firm can help protect your rights, freedom, and future.

Working with a Colorado Criminal Lawyer


Being accused of a crime is never easy: mentally, emotionally, physically, or logistically. Aside from dealing with the stress, you may be detained during the process or have to pay a hefty bond, and you’ll find yourself dealing with a significant amount of legal paperwork. Although working with an experienced criminal defense attorney will not remove all of these stressors, it can make the process significantly easier for you and your family.

Having a dedicated criminal defense lawyer is a must when facing a relentless criminal justice system. Most criminal lawyers can represent an accused person (a defendant) who is facing criminal charges in federal, States or appellate courts, although some attorneys focus on one specific court or jurisdiction.

Ideally, your lawyer will guide you through your legal issues, help you plan for the best course of action, and effectively defend your case.

Criminal defense lawyers handle all types of criminal cases, including misdemeanors and felonies. Time is typical of the essence in these situations since law enforcement may try to get you to talk about what happened or make a deal with you — so if you are arrested, it is imperative to call legal counsel immediately.

The primary goal of all professional criminal defense attorneys is to fight hard for their clients and try to get the criminal case dismissed or get an innocent verdict. If there is no room for dismissals due to the weight or severity of the crime, then the lawyers fight to get the next best possible outcome.

If worst comes to worst and you are convicted of a crime, your criminal defense attorney will work to make sure the consequences are as manageable as possible. Many things are at stake like fines, prison time, a soiled reputation, loss of a professional license, and civil liability, but with a good defense team on your side, you’ll be better equipped to face the situation.

When the rubber meets the road, talk to an experienced criminal lawyer from Brown Law Firm to get guidance throughout the entire criminal legal process.

We are not only experienced in criminal defense law cases but also in cases of federal law. Our Colorado criminal defense law firm is full of attorneys to help you expunge your criminal records in Denver CO to let you live a worry-free life.

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The Role of a Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer


To avoid the unpleasantness and troubles that could arise with criminal charges, you need to hire a lawyer with whom you can have a solid attorney-client relationship. A Colorado criminal defense lawyer will work hard and tirelessly to dismiss the charges or reduce the penalties for their clients who have been accused of crimes.

Below are some of the significant roles a criminal defense lawyer must be able to fulfill:

1- Must be knowledgeable

An excellent criminal defense lawyer must have deep knowledge about the law and their clients’ rights, must have experience with defense cases, and be able to give the best possible legal advice as per criminal law.

2- Must be able to conduct analysis

A good lawyer should be able to analyze and judge the situation going on to figure out intelligent strategies to help their defendants get their charges reduced or dismissed.

3- Good representation

A good criminal lawyer must be able to represent their clients in trials, arraignments, and court hearings.

4- Keep clients up to date

A good criminal lawyer should always be ahead of the case, communicating with law enforcement, the opposition, and the court to get first-hand updates on the case’s progress. As they receive updates and new information, they will also keep their clients updated about the processes and progress of the case.

5- Must be able to operate well under stress

A criminal case is mentally and emotionally stressful for the suspect but also the lawyer. A good criminal lawyer must be able to handle random stressful situations that can come up like fluctuating hours, attending impromptu case proceedings, new evidence in the case, etc.

6- Prepare legible legal documentations

A good criminal defense lawyer will be able to draft up clear legal documents like appeals, legal briefs, motions, and more and to explain them to their clients.

7- Must be professional

Good defense lawyers must be ethical and professional at all times. He/she must be able to professionally negotiate plea bargains with the prosecution, present evidence to a jury, and be assertive during trial sessions.

In addition to all of these abilities, you should also look for an attorney with whom you are comfortable and can communicate well. At Brown Law Firm, our attorneys have years of experience fighting criminal allegations and are ready to support you through your case.


Benefits of Hiring a Colorado Criminal Attorney


Because facing a felony or misdemeanor is quite sensitive, it stands to reason that choosing an attorney should be handled with care. Although you are allowed to represent yourself in the courts, it is rarely the best option. Working with an attorney who is experienced and has in-depth knowledge about the United States’ crimes and criminal procedures will set you up for the best chance of success.

The major benefits of hiring criminal lawyers are:

  • They will coach you on what and what not to say to the police and in court. Often, defendants implicate themselves without knowing they’re doing that. Your criminal defense attorney will be your mouthpiece when dealing with legal parties like police and prosecutors.
  • They have years of experience with the law and likely have handled cases in the past that are similar to yours, so they know what to expect, what strategies to use and can prepare for likely outcomes.
  • If all goes well, they can help their clients avoid legal penalties by doing everything in their power and using all their knowledge and experience to have the case dismissed, or the client found innocent. Even if defendants are found guilty, good defense attorneys will fight to see that the sentence is reduced as much as it can be.
  • Criminal cases can lag a bit, but experienced defense attorneys have an expert team dedicated to ensuring that your case moves as fast as possible.
  • They have all the resources necessary to help your case. Experienced criminal attorneys know how to work with the court in order to move their defendants’ cases along and get to positive resolutions.
  • They can help ease your stress during this difficult time. Although hiring an attorney is a financial investment, they will take care of the paperwork, tracking court dates, and making sure everything is in order for your case. You can focus on other aspects of your life and be productive or spend time with your family while the experts worry about legal issues.

There are many other things to know about hiring a Colorado criminal attorney. To learn more about what it’s like to work with the Brown Law Firm and how we can help, read more here.

What Cases Are Handled by a Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney?


At Brown Law Firm, our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to assist you in fighting a variety of charges, including:

    • DUI offenses
    • Offenses involving drugs
    • Hunting and fishing violations
    • Misdemeanor crimes
    • Sex crimes
    • Domestic violence
    • Felony offenses
    • Assault and Battery
    • Federal crimes
    • Internet crimes
    • Theft crimes
    • White-collar crimes
    • Manslaughter
    • Criminal offenses committed with guns or other firearms

What Happens After an Arrest?

Although not every legal matter requires you to have a criminal attorney on your side, bear in mind that Colorado criminal law can be complex and hard to comprehend unless you are accused of a minor infraction. That is why having skilled legal counsel is highly recommended.

If you have never been arrested before, here’s how the process goes. First, all information regarding the crime committed and an arrest goes to district attorneys. If they determine the case should be prosecuted, the court will hold an arraignment. That is when an individual is faced with the charges that are brought against them.

After that, the defense team and prosecutors begin negotiations, which can last for several weeks and even months. A considerable number of cases resolve without going to trial.

When you have a competent attorney on your side, she or he will carefully evaluate the evidence and the case a District Attorney has against you. Knowing when you should go to trial and when you should take a plea bargain is one of the most important steps of one’s criminal defense case.

An attorney with adequate legal experience and a track record of success in criminal cases can help you obtain the best possible outcome.

How Long Will the Crime Stay on Your Record?

We know that a lot is at stake when you are being accused of a crime. If the charge is dismissed, a criminal record can be sealed almost immediately. If it’s not, there is up to five years waiting period for sealing a criminal conviction.

Also, bear in mind that some criminal convictions, such as drug crimes, violent crimes and felony cases that include Class 1, 2, or 3 felonies, sex crimes, domestic violence, DUI, as well as traffic infractions and misdemeanor traffic offenses can’t be sealed and will stay on your record.

If your loved one faces criminal charges, that can be a frightening experience. Although circumstances surrounding the crime will impact the charges and the case, an experienced attorney knows it’s crucial to minimize jail time and keep your record clean. Let us protect your rights and fight for your future.

How can Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyers Help?


If you are facing criminal allegations, domestic violence, or want to get free from your criminal record, it is best to consult with a legal team and do a free case evaluation. There are many Denver criminal defense lawyers who can help you with your criminal matters and guide you about the legal options you have.

Denver criminal defense attorneys will do a free case evaluation of your case, gather information and facts of your cases, and do an initial investigation of witnesses. Moreover, depending on the status of your case, they will come up with a defense strategy as per the Colorado criminal law to defend your case in court.

An experienced criminal defense attorney will represent your case in court, deal with the plea agreement, jury trial, and help you get the best possible result in your favor.

All these things are very tedious to handle all alone. However, with the help of super lawyers, things will become way easier. At Brown Law Firm, our attorneys have extensive experience with Colorado criminal cases and serving our clients all over Denver metro area.

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There are many criminal defense attorneys in Colorado, but it’s your responsibility to find and hire the best attorney for you. Cost, availability, location, experience in criminal defense cases, and more all may play into your decision-making process.

When choosing a law firm to represent your case, it is best to pick a firm that offers a free consultation so that you will know the type of individuals to whom you are entrusting your case.

Brown Law Firm is a top-rated firm helping clients throughout northwest Colorado. Our team is ready and able to put our years of experience to work for you, fighting for your justice and freedom.

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