Colorado Personal Injury Attorney

Colorado Personal Injury Attorney


Combs & Brown, LLC has offices in Steamboat Springs and in Denver.  We are prepared to help you when you are suffering from injuries and need legal help.  Especially, when the injury rose from the negligent or intentional act of another person, it is difficult to see your options. You may be facing rising medical bills and lost income. This introduces new pressures to your work and family life and the fact that insurance companies are likely pushing you to settle early never helps this situation.

You need to spend the time on recovering from your injuries, not managing the multiple details associated with personal injury claims and hoping you make the right decisions. That is why hiring a personal injury is the best way to ensure fair treatment and adequate compensation. Combs offers 17 years of trial attorney experience representing plaintiffs in several types of injury claims. We treat your case as the unique situation it is so we can explain offers and help you make informed decisions.

Personal injury claims can arise from many situations some of the more common includes:


These incidents are often traumatic on their own. But they can become worse if the other party or their insurance company fights the claim aggressively. The insurance companies will do their best to discredit you and claim that you overstate your injuries. Sometimes, insurance companies pressure injury victims to settle before they finish treatment, which prevents you from further recovery if your condition lasts longer than expected or fails to improve.

If the other party was uninsured and you have to go through your own insurance, there will still be resistance. We often have to push as hard against our client’s own insurance companies as we do with opposing companies.

When you hire an attorney, this pressure is off of you and transfers to us. We will collect documentation, investigate your claim, and communicate with the insurance company. Once you recover, we submit documentation to start the settlement process. If the other party fails to agree to a fair settlement, we have no problem taking your matter to trial. Meanwhile, you can focus on getting better so you can return to work and family life.

If you suffered injuries through no fault of your own, consult with a personal injury attorney before you make any decisions about settling your case.

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We understand that this is not just about financial recovery—it is also about physical and emotional recovery. Combs ‘s goal is to help you face the many emotional ups and down you are bound to experience on the road of recovery.

A Colorado personal injury attorney from our firm would be happy to review the details of your case during a free initial case evaluation.  Contact us today.